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Metroplex Invest is an experienced North Texas house buying company buying properties in every major county in the metroplex.  We buy any house Dallas Fort Worth. Our number one mission is to help struggling families in our communities quickly get away from problem properties that the banks will not loan on and that could not be sold with a realtor.  We are extremely proud to help revitalize neighborhoods and bring quality homes back on the market for our community to enjoy.  We pride ourselves on going into certain markets and infusing huge amount’s of capital in order to increase property values and provide quality houses to live in one home at a time.


We actively seek daily bringing hope and comfort to homeowner’s and their families during times of difficulty while looking to sell their house fast. We do so by providing industry leading services, products and properties, and investment and joint venture opportunities, based off honest, ethical, and moral biblical principles.


  1. Making Our Main Focus Putting People And Principles Before Profits
  2. Staying Positive and Open To Change
  3. To Always Stay Creative, Focused, and Ethical While Helping Our Community
  4. To Always Personally Remain Accountable For The Actions We Take
  5. Creating Strong Long Lasting And Genuine Relationships With Our Clients
  6. To Keep A Strong Sense Of Urgency, Positive Mental Attitude, and a Highly Focused Mind-set on Performing at our Absolute Best at all times…
  7. Daily working on Self-Improvement
  8. Working on Expansion and Growing A Positive Team Mentality With A Synergistic Family Spirit
  9. To Stay Humble and Honest At All Costs
  10. To Continually Work Hard At Helping Rebuild And Add Increasing Value To Our Local Communities

We currently offer multiple options when selling your house fast in Dallas Fort Worth. We work hard to do our best to make it quick and stress free process.  We can usually buy your house in as little as a couple days. We are house buyers… We are not realtors…. and we have a reputation in the market place for paying TOP DOLLAR prices and closing quickly.


We quickly make all cash offer’s the same day you call us and we will buy your house in AS-IS condition saving you the headache of making costly repairs.

We simply advise take what you want and need and leave the rest to us to handle.

We are sincerely looking forward to working with you in the near future and helping you put your property problems in the past fast.  We will be grateful and thankful to be the ones to help fix your real estate headache as quickly as possible.

We are looking forward to speaking with you and discussing your situation.

Thank you

-The Metroplex Invest –





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